Reusing BizTalk Mapper

The current project I am involved is using BizTalk 2004. Due to stringent latency requirement against large volume, we have decided to go without BizTalk.
I would like to see a global configuration facility in BizTalk that instructs not to persist anything while doing transfermations or orchestration — even with an atomic / long running scope. This would certainly be a risky proposition yet it would improve response time a lot. Wishful thinking!
Here are a couple of great articles on how to reuse BizTalk maps in .Net app.

A couple of thoughts

If Jesus is going to raise ‘true Christians’ from death upon his next arrival, why do we embalm bodies?
In Mahabharat, they talk extensively about Krishna and his family tree. What happened to Kamsa and his children?
Is life full of sorrows with happiness sprinkled on it or the other way round?
What is the meaning of life?
The first three questions are out of my curiosity. I am serious about the last one. I have not found answers to any of them. Do you know? 

History of Character Sets

I am working on developing a front end system that has to talk to IBM mainframes. As anyone who is in this industry and born before 2002 knows, IBM uses EBCDIC in its mainframes and  AS/400 systems. This led me into investigating why would they still want to use EBCDIC. End result? Because they can. The indirect cost of sticking with this character set is the increase of my consulting hours.
I did not know about the evolution of Character Sets till now.  Here is a great article that walks through the history of Character Sets.
Oh, Ya! I don’t think there are many kids who are born before 2002 can read well.