A couple of thoughts

If Jesus is going to raise ‘true Christians’ from death upon his next arrival, why do we embalm bodies?
In Mahabharat, they talk extensively about Krishna and his family tree. What happened to Kamsa and his children?
Is life full of sorrows with happiness sprinkled on it or the other way round?
What is the meaning of life?
The first three questions are out of my curiosity. I am serious about the last one. I have not found answers to any of them. Do you know? 

2 thoughts on “A couple of thoughts

  1. I think we embalm bodies because we, as humans, have a hard time giving up the idea that *we* are not our physical presence, that *we* are really just the soul and spirit God gave us (in a nifty flesh wrapper). If we could accept that more readily, I believe more people would be cremated to save space.
    I don\’t have an opinion or knowledge  on the second.
    I think that if we are too concerned with which is it, we are loosing focus on our purpose, and our gifts from God. Through him, we can have unlimited joy that comes from a source we can\’t fully understand. Without this constant joy, life will seem like one or the other. I know!! I am speaking from experience! If we can look at life as a chance to please our Lord, then no matter what is happening around us, we will have joy amidst the sorrows and the hapiness and those two things will almost be irrelevant.
    I am not sure I know the meaning of life, how can you determine the meaning of such a gift except to ask the giver? But I would guess my purpose in life is to do everything I can in a way to honor my heavenly father, as continual thanks and praise for his continued gifts. This, I believe, is the only way to true life. 
    I love these questions BG. Whether or not we agree doesn\’t matter, just that we can share our beliefs!

  2. I am so sorry I don\’t know where or what happened to the pictures I posted for what would happen if we lose the war on Iraq..but, I will delate and redue at a later time this week. I like you space . I am going to post a more practical one for people to view in sight of the events that are taking place. They won\’t delate this one I am sure.
    Take care and thank you for stopping by once again. ~^.^~

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