Windows Communication Foundation – Tools

Tool Name Description

COM+ Service Model Configuration Tool (ComSvcConfig.exe)

Existing COM applications can use the WCF Service moniker. The WCF Service moniker provides a representation of the service contracts and bindings for WCF Web services that is both strongly typed and COM-visible, and enables developers of COM+ applications to expose one or more interfaces on a COM+ component as Web services.

Configuration Editor (SvcConfigEditor.exe)

Enables administrators and developers to create and modify configuration settings for WCF services by using a graphical user interface.

Find Private Key Tool (FindPrivateKey.exe)

Retrieves a private key from a key store, for example, the name and location of the private key file that is associated with a particular X.509 certificate.

ServiceModel Metadata Utility (svcutil.exe)

Generates service model code from metadata, and metadata from service model code. Most often used to generate client-side proxies to WCF services.

ServiceModel Registration Tool (ServiceModelReg.exe)

Manages the registration of the WCF ServiceModel with Internet Information Services on a single computer. It can be used to register, unregister, and re-register WCF.

TraceViewer Tool (SvcTraceViewer.exe)

Enables developers and administrators to view, group, and filter trace messages that relate to WCF services.

WS-AtomicTransaction Configuration Utility (wsatConfig.exe)

Configures WS-AtomicTransaction support settings, such as ports, certificates, and accounts.


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