Being an Architect

Unlike my previous titles, I have been playing the role of real architect for sometime now. What I like most about this role is that
* I am truly agnostic to technologies. I get to evaluate IBM vs. Microsoft, Oracle vs. Microsoft, Different SOA platforms, rules engines, etc. This is a bliss for me.
* Great opportunity to make difference at enterprise level. This is huge win for me.
* Exposure to C level executives and learn about their thinking patterns
* I am truly empowered to save money.
* Constant pressure to adapt, change, and proceed. This helps me test my tensile strength. So far, I am doing good.
* Great opportunity to improve my communication skills. So far, my manager is happy with me on this front.

* I say the same stuff that I did before. Because of my title, people listen to me more. If only I can make my kids listen more using my title. 😉

What I don’t like about this role is that
* Information overflow, at times.
* I am in the middle of inter-team politics all the time.
* I have to compensate for lack of capabilities of development teams.