I am Running

Life and work are going well. But, I am bored of routines in life.
What should I do? RUN
My criteria were as follows:
* Nothing to do with computers

* Something I am capable of doing but have not done before
* Should be cheap to get started 
* Should not be an easy accomplishment


I am not a runner. The maximum I ever ran on a treadmill is 2 miles. I have started running on June 28 2007. I tried running two to three miles for a few times. Running on road is a lot harder than running on tread mil.
After two runs on my own, I started running with my neighbor who had done marathons before. Now I am officially preparing for a half-marathon this October.
It is pretty cool. I am at 7.3 miles in my long runs and under 9 minutes in my high speed run. In today’s quarter mile sprint, I was just a second or so behind my running partner. He has been running for years and is an army reserve. It will be a milestone when I outrun him.
Running is hard and tiring many times since early morning temperature averages 79 – 101 F in Phoenix. Still I  am totally pumped with my new interest.
If I am not crippled before I run a marathon, I will post some pictures here. 

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