Running Update

I have been running for over two months now. I normally get bored and drop out by now. Instead, I am totally excited about pushing myself to insanity. J


Since I did not want to be hooked to one brand, I purchased Adidas AdFusion. While it is a great and light shoe, it does not give me enough support. As a result I was having shin splits. So, I exchanged it for Brooks Beast. It is pricy. But it is so nice to run with.


I have been running 4 mile stretches at least three times a week. Since I have trouble holding air in my lungs, I have also started do some abdomen, chest and shoulder workouts. I am also doing at least one cross training for 30 – 45 minutes a week. This should help me with elevation during the race.


It is getting colder in Phoenix. So, running at 5:30 AM is getting difficult. I don’t mind it since climate during our upcoming race will be similar to this.  


I should be running 9 mile stretches this week. I am running only 4 to 4.5 at a time. I hope to catch up with my running schedule this week.



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