Aged Red Wine

Murugan and I were best friends during my Masters degree in Pondicherry. It was one of the most memorable periods of my life.  Searching for a tea shop at 1 AM at night, waking him up with a bucket of water, late night discussions at beach, going to a bar with him even though I did not drink anything, Boy! Lots of memories


It was great to be living by the beach, having our own resort accommodation called dorm, catered by a chef in a town that blends French and Indian cultures. Yet, we both were living a miserable collage life. 🙂


Since both Murugan and I were relocating often, it was difficult to keep in touch with him. We meet once in a few years, catch up from where we left, and bid farewell. I have lost touch with him since 1996. Interestingly we were both looking for each other’s contact information. I had been actively looking for him for the last two months. I received an email from him yesterday.


Talking with Murugan was just great. It brings back a flood of memories. This morning, Murugan’s brother, Lenin, called me out of nowhere. When I was leaving for the US, both these brothers were so helpful.


It has been 10 years. Wow! We both are still growing — professionally and personally.


Since modes of communication has grown so much during this period, I hope we keep in constant touch from now on.


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