I ran my first half a marathon today. Yeah!


39th annual YMCA half a marathon was held in South Mountain Park today. The run felt great. The course was all uphill / downhill. That made running very difficult. I had knee and breathing problems. My running partner had hip and foot problems. So, we had to walk for a few miles. Even thought I was tired and exhausted, I and my running buddy sprinted from 100 meters from the finish line. It was well received with claps and shouting from the volunteers at the finish line. It felt as if I was accomplishing something!


I had salt sediments on my face and on my glass at the end of the race. I had to wash it three times during the run to keep it clean. Everytime a grandpas overtook us, I cringe and try to beat him. It kept me going. 🙂


The organizers and volunteers were just fabulous. The last 2.5 miles were steep hill. I remember the lady at the foothills who was giving out water. She was shouting encouraging words to us as we walked past here. So, we picked up running again. I really appreciate what they did today.


My running partner was great too. Without him, I don’t think I would have signed up for this event.


I have had knee injury on my left knee and was not able to run for the last two weeks. I also had self-doubt about being able to run with injured knee. I did not want to permanently damage it by running on a race. But, I was committed to something and did not feel like quitting. I did some reading on the knee injury and found exercises to help with it. I have been doing those exercises for the last two days.



This is the longest distance I have run to date. My previous record was 9 miles on the road. I am in the little league now. 🙂 Once I run my first Marathon, I am going to be joining the 400,000 or so people who ever ran Marathon among a world population of 6.7 billion.



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