Zackman Training

For the last three days, I participated in an onsite Zachman Training on how to be an effective Enterprise Architect.
Mr John Zachman himself taught half the course. His business partner, Mr Sam, tought the rest of the course. While Zachman is an extraordinary visionary, Sam is a implentation oriented expert. Together they conducted the course very well. I am both inspired and impressed by the way an enterprise architect should be thinking.
While I would like to start dissecting our enterprise as soon as possible, I am not sure our enterprise is ready for such an exercise. So, I might have to start at project and program level. I cannot wait to start working on the six distinct aspects for all my future projects.
Here is a picture of Mr.Zachman teaching our course.
He has an interesting personality. He prefers to use overhead projector that is an antiquated technology in today’s standard. Here, he is teaching a framework that is twenty some years old, that can transform any enterprise in the world, and yet its full potential has not been ealized till date.
You can find our more about Zachman and his framework from

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