Cloud Computing 101

Cloud Computing is the latest industry buzz, which has climbed to its peak in 2009. This series of articles are an attempt to demystify the hype behind Cloud Computing.

In this series, I will write about  

          a brief overview of the cloud computing

          how it is different from good old mainframe

          how it is different from other buzz words such as SaaS, Grid Computing and SOA

          architecture of cloud computing

          usage models of cloud computing

          myths surrounding cloud computing

          concerns on cloud computing

As we go along this journey, feel free to use me as your sounding board. I am open to taking detours that would address your questions and concerns.

Cloud computing paradigm is a combination of technology practices and business models working together to deliver agility and scalability to business at a fraction of the cost it would take for traditional IT models to deliver equivalent capabilities.  

Cloud computing refers to any IT capability that can be virtualized, externalized and monetized.  By  virtualizing an IT capability, the underlying technology stake is almost irrelevant to the consumers. By externalizing, the capability is made portable and easy to manage with least number of dependencies. The ability to measure and monitor the service usage at a granular level helps create consumption based charge back model that is most attractive business clients. This way, a business can rent an IT capability without investing heavily in its IT department to stand up this service. Think cash flow!


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