I was watching Janica Kostelic (Croatia) perform her best in Women’s Combined at Torino. NBC ran her bio and I am so impressed. She and her family is a perfect example of overcoming all obstacles. In her interview, she refused to talk about her accomplishments. When she won Gold in this competition, she was talking about her brother winning Gold rather than her phenomenal accomplishments. Her brother, Ivica Kostelic , is also a world top ski champ.
I am very impressed with her.
Compared to her, my growing pains seem so trivial. Both of them are excellent examples for power of determination.
I am also inspired by Chad Henrick‘s story. But not by his bahavior.
On a personal level, what would it take me to be the best person and best professional that I can be? I guess it would be determination and focus. I display my determination and focus from time to time. I need to develop more consistency and humility.