My pet peeves with LinkedIn

To Recruiters

  • Just because a person asks me to connect with him/her, I may not do so. I don’t want to have 1000s of contacts with whom I have nothing in common. I rather have a few hundred people who know my professional competencies and what I bring to the table.
  • If I want to connect with someone, he/she is someone I have done business with, met at least once, or someone who might help me further my career. In my invitations, I will explain to them why I want to be in touch with them. If you want to include me in your professional network, please return that courtesy.  Or even better, send the invitation with potential lead for a job or a contract.
  • If I like something you posted does not mean that I want to connect with you.
  • I do have ample recruiting superstars in my contact list.

To LinkedIn feature designers

  • Do you dare to share with a room full of strangers that you have been with the same company for 10 years or 6 years on LinkedIn? I know I don’t. I hope this feature can be turned off.

To fellow networking professionals. I like all of you, but

  • Posting multiple articles that you like on a daily basis, makes me question your productivity.
  • If you really want me to notice you, please post your original thoughts and opinions on them. The more thought provoking they are, better.
  • Facebook or other social sites are better suited to share posting about your engagement or wedding pictures.
  •      Newborns pictures are different. I like them and I understand your pride. Even though they have nothing to do with career networking.